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500FM allows cutting many material layers with advanced-advanced fiber laser technology.

Imported servo system, long-term stable and safe operation, easy maintenance, super-perfect processing capacity


General Features

  • Stable performance, mirror adjustment without reflection and no need for light adjustment,
  • 100,000 hours working life
  • High strength machine bed-bench, special annealing-hardening process at high temperature, NC electric resistance guarantees long-term precision operation.
  • High transfer efficiency of Fiber laser-its efficiency reduces energy consumption and operation cost up to 30 %,
  • Servo motor with original imported rail precision and fast cutting
  • Smooth cutting corner, small deformation
  • Low power consumption energy saving, beyond all this 1/3-1/5 ratio
  • Low consumption compared to oil machines, and 3 times faster cutting
  • The laser beam is formed without gas, the air is used to cut the metal layer.


Technical Specifications

Operating Space 1500*3000mm
Fiber Laser Source 500W
Laser Head Amerika Lasermech
Y Axis Transmission System Double - Rack (Germany ATLANTA)
Speed Detractor - Adjuster Japan ShIMPO
X Y Axis Servo Motor Japan YASKAWA (X: 850W Y:1.8KW)
Lineer Rail TAIWAN HIVIN (X:25MM Y:35MM)
Programme and Control System CypCut
Towing Line Germany IGUS
Lens and Mirror America II-VI
Maximum Cutting Thickness 5 mm (changing for material)



Technical Parameters

Laser Type Fiber laser
Laser Power 500W
Weight 5000kg
Dimensions 4600 * 2450 * 1700
Operating Space 3000 * 1500mm
Re-Positioning Accuracy 0.02mm
Max Speed 70m/min
Maximum Acceleration 0.3G
Transfer-Transfer Type Dual rail (gear and rail)
Power Consumption <10KW (<12KW-1000W)
Power Supply 380V / 50Hz / 60Hz / 60A