Mrt Dijital



Our expert technical service team works so that it can serve you for many years. Preliminary discovery and subsequent installation are carried out in the place where you will place your machines. Training is carried out without a time limit at the request of our customers.

After the installation, technical service can be performed within 24 hours according to your request.

Our spare parts stocks are always able to provide the parts that your machine will need.

Paint and consumables used in printing machines are carefully examined and presented to our customers. All of our printing inks are certified by manufacturers of print heads and have MSDS Test reports stating that they are harmless to human health.

Technical Case

The technical matter is carried out in the form of filling out our form on the site and sending it to or sending a fax to the fax number 02163154543. Your process is queued, taking into account pending technical cases. According to your company's request, information about the day/time of service will be provided.

Guaranteed Printing Machines

Our company covers spare parts changes that may occur in devices under our company's guarantee. Machines that also have warranty coverage do not charge a service fee. This warranty does not cover heads and user-generated errors.

Machines Outside the Scope of Warranty

Replacement of spare parts and other technical service costs that may occur on devices that are not under the warranty of our company will be charged to the company requesting technical service.

Technical Service Intervention

When technical service personnel needs to intervene with the printing machine, the relevant company allows this.

Technical Service Costs

Technical service fee is 120 USD within Istanbul. This fee is 350 USD for all provinces except Istanbul. Also, accommodation is covered by the company requesting transportation costs. The general maintenance fee for printing machines is 500 USD. Operator training is 350 USD, program installation is 100 USD, computer intervention is 150 USD.


Technical service costs and spare parts costs are paid in advance.