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UV 2513

UV 2513

High resolution and high quality piezoelectric print head can achieve vivid bright colors with excellent production performance.

Except for the use of volatile organic compounds in Uv-curable ink. the ink is eco-friendly and no smell.

Advanced automatic height detector, which can detect material thickness and find a good height position for best quality printing.

Drawer type LED uv lamp cassette makes it easy to replace uv lamp.

Equipped with Japanese THK double rail bearing system.

The carrier has a high-precision impact sensor to ensure that the print head is not accidentally damaged.

Automatic mixing and circulation system (circulation), which prevents clogging of the white print head in the white ink chamber.


Technical Specifications

Printhead / Quantity Ricoh Gen5 / 2-8
Ink Type / Colour UV Paint / 4-5-6-7 Colour Options
Maximum Material/Print Width 2.44m X 1.22m / 1-100 mm
Print Modes 4 / 6 / 8 pass
Print Speed 16 sqm/h - 34 sqm/s
Printhead Control Printhead Voltage and heat adjusted by software
Colour Management Basic Colours, Adjustable Colour Value, Colour Density Setting
Materials Print on plane materials
Print Folder Format Tiff, Jpeg, Postscript, Eps, Pdf
Resolution 720X600 dpi / 720X2400 dpi
Paint Feeding System Constant Negative Pressure System with Lcd Screen
Machine Connection USB
Software Photoprint / ONYX / Caldera
Machine Dimensions and Weight W: 4.8 m L: 2.25 m H: 1.5 m / 2000 Kg