Mrt Dijital




  • Touch Screen
  • Automatic CAP and Detection System
  • Prinf for all types of materials that are plane and round


Technical Specifications

Print Speed 7m2/hour (max)
Printhead Epson Xp600
Printhead Quantity 3 pcs
Drop Volume 2.5 PL
Print Height 30 cm
Colour Scale CMYK+W+V
Print Mode UV-Led
Drying System UV Led 3 pcs
Print Width 60cm x 90cm
Resolution 2880 dpi
Machine Dimensions 175 cm x 205 cm x 115 cm
Machine Weight 305 kg
Hardware PC
Power 220 v (+/-) 50-60HZ
RIP Software Photo Print
Table Type Vacuum casting table with 4 screw shaft systems


Other Features

  • Allows you to print full size without shifting the axis
  • Automatically detects material height
  • Passes white floors
  • 3D printing capability
  • It carries up to 80 kg of material thanks to its special casting table
  • A program that automatically calculates the cost of paint in your work to be printed
  • Printing on Oval material
  • High power vacuum table
  • Custom aluminum apparatus for computer display
  • Ability to print on hard floors and flexible materials
  • On - site technical service all over Turkey within 24 hours
  • Ability to print 100 pens for 10 cents